Proactive Property Management in Albuquerque

Proactive Property Management in Albuquerque

Our team at Corder & Company pride ourselves on being a quality Proactive Property Management in Albuquerque that will take care of things when they go wrong, but will also be proactive. Always mitigating possible problems before they occur.

Property Management is much more than simply processing rent checks each month. When a property owner entrusts a management company with their investment, a quality property management company will operate proactively in four key areas. These are:

Yes, obtaining and depositing rent checks is a major part of the financial responsibility of a property manager, but an ardent company will go further. Included in this category is knowing the current rental market and devising marketing strategies to find new tenants. Regular financial reporting (to the owners), understanding financial statements, income taxes and budgeting are also very important.

This category includes getting, screening, understanding, and keeping those that will inhabit the property. It also includes being responsive to the tenant while reporting back to the owner. A dedicated management company will be able to balance this sometimes complex relationship between the two.

The upkeep of the physical structure is a crucial part of property management. The homeowner and tenant alike trust that any necessary repairs will be done properly and in a timely manner. A proactive property manager will not only address the acute repairs, but will also perform preventative maintenance checks.

Most property management companies have their own office that requires basic administration duties. On top of that, they will also need to perform the administration obligations for each of their contract relationships. Federal, state, and local governments all have some jurisdiction over real estate property management activities. Certain reporting requirements must be met for all of them, and meticulous record keeping is a must. A prudent management company will stay up to date on all laws and regulations, using them to make the best experience for their client and the tenant.

Corder and Company, LLC is a proud, proactive Property Management Company serving the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho areas. We know property owners and potential tenants alike and have a choice when deciding who to use for their housing needs. We would love to be the choice for you!

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